About Damaris Toy Works

I opened my toy workshop on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in 2011 with a commitment to creating safe, unique wooden toys for children of all ages.

All of my wooden toys are designed to engage the imagination and creativity of little minds of all ages. Handcrafted from sustainably harvested hardwoods with non-toxic finishes, these toys and puzzles are designed to last for generations. 

All my toys and puzzles are designed and handcrafted in Maryland.  Toys and puzzles are made from sustainably harvested hardwoods.  Whenever possible, I use "end cuts" or "left overs" 

from other craftsmen and woodworkers helping to reduce the amount of waste burned or headed to our landfills.  

  • All  toys and puzzles are finished with non-toxic, 100% natural tung oil and 100% orange thinner (except paddle boat and colored toy pieces).
  •  Colored toy pieces are stained with water based stain.
  • Wheels, people and small parts are glued in place using non-toxic glue. 
  • Check small pieces periodically and re-glue if necessary.
  •  Wood tone, grain, and wheels may vary from photo.