Damaris Toy Works 

Unique Wooden Toys and Puzzles

Made in the USA

Welcome to Damaris Toy Works where unique wooden toys and wooden puzzles are designed and manufacture right here in the USA!  Our wooden toys are suitable for children of all ages.   All of our wooden toys and  wooden puzzles are sure to engage children's imagination, inspire their smiles and provide them with  hours of fun and creative

entertainment.  These are  wooden toys that will last a life time. The non-toxic finishes and smooth, rounded edges make them a safe choice for your little ones.  And small parts like wheels and little people are glued in place to reduce choking hazards.


New toy and puzzle designs are created and added to  Damaris Toy Works  inventory  every spring and every fall making it easy to grow your toy collections year after year! 

Our wooden toys make perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, special occasions or... just because...

                                                                                     our wooden toys are irresistible!

Wooden Toys